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Skye Air Mobility Pvt Ltd

Skye Air is a pioneer in cutting edge Drone Delivery technology based out of India providing applications for various sectors including state governments, PSUs, the Private sector, Multilateral agencies, NGOs, and Defence covering various logistical needs.

Our Services

Healthcare Logistics

By scaling drone-based medical deliveries, drone technology will undoubtedly revolutionize the way the healthcare sector functions today. Drones can take care of large-scale Read More

E-com & Postal Logistics

Drones technology will change the face of the e-commerce logistic system. Drone delivery will overcome the challenges the e-commerce sector has been facing for ages. From Read More

Emergency Logistics

When an ambulance was reimagined for better, no better than the drone delivery service & drone technology deemed perfect fit, the concept of this Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) will accelerate the Read More

Defence Logistics

Our autonomous delivery drones carry ‘order to delivery’ capabilities for the frontline military logistics support, helping them receive supplies both on land Read More

Food Logistics

Food pickup and drop-off by drones will be executed within a few minutes which is faster than any alternative. Additionally, drone delivery will provide a cleaner, safer, and cheaper alternative Read More

Urban Air Mobility

Unmanned vehicles like drones are autonomous transport systems creating efficient and sustainable urban transportation. In the coming few years, this will definitely transform Read More

What We Do

End to End (E2E) Delivery Solutions by Drones.

Keeping Compliances with all regulations.

Planning and conducting trials (POC) on behalf of companies to establish the use-case and commercial viability.

Business Case development.

Drone Deliveries, with R&D and Manufacturing.

Onboarding UTM, MNO, Safety and Cold Chain Experts.

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Autonomous Capability

Express Ability


Obstacle Avoidance

Dynamic Tracking

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